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Health Insurance Options


 Small to Medium Business Health Insurance
To protect you and your small business, our insurance brokerage in Austin, Texas, provides small business health insurance coverage. This type of coverage is for small to medium-sized businesses ranging from 2 to 50 employees. These group plans are for you and your employees' benefit. We offer HMO, PPO, major catastrophic plans, and group plans for the employer.

Supplemental Insurance
Accelerated Insurance Resources understands the importance of providing you with supplemental insurance coverage. The plan provides you with insurance for critical illnesses and accident coverage.

Supplement Benefits
The supplemental coverage takes care of critical illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. This protection also provides a cash benefit for medical bills or any other medical expenses at the time of illness. Accidents are covered for major or minor medical issues, and you receive the same type of cash benefits.

Helping seniors get the coverage they need with Accelerated Insurance Resources in Austin, Texas. We provide an array of resources, so that our senior population has adequate protection. We have partnered with United Health Care.

Individual and Family Coverage
Protection for you and your family is vitally important. That is why we offer catastrophic major medical plans.  PPO, HMO, and short-term medical plans. You also have the option of adding Valuable dental and vision plans to your coverage. Dental & Vision stand alone options available.

Individual and Family Coverage Benefits
Some of the benefits of your individual and family coverage include lifetime coverage, and the freedom of choice when it comes to doctors and hospitals. All of our medical plans are tailored specifically to your personal and family needs.

Advanced Insurance Resources
Accelerated Insurance Resources has been serving families with 10 years of combined experience in the industry. We love to educate our clients on how insurance plans work for you. Get to know us so that we can have some insight about your situation in order to provide the best coverage and plans for you, your family, and/or small business.

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